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Working for DAEL

Once you start working for DAEL, you get the opportunity to do what you're good at, or what you want to be good at. On many of our projects you’ll get the chance to learn something new. We work with the latest technology, a significant amount of which you won't find anywhere else across the UK as many of the projects we're involved in are unique.  

Work at various levels

At DAEL Telecom UK, we have positions available at various levels. It is possible to start your career with us at a certain level, but that doesn't have to be the end-of-the-line. Would you like to prove yourself? That's great! We can provide all that is required for you to grow. Not only with work that fits you interests and skill-set, but also by providing education and training which make it possible to deploy your skills across a wider range of activities.

Our terms of employment

At DAEL, you can count on great terms of employment. You can of course expect a salary which fits your job position, and secondary terms of employment are very complete.  You are provided with independent work and get a significant amount of responsibility, and there is room for your own interpretation and contribution. The working environment at DAEL is great, colleagues look out for and take care of one another. 

Furthermore, we are an approachable firm. No formal issues but a group of people who get along. Outside of work, we organise various events. Our staff parties are famous!