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The DAEL Group

The DAEL Group consists of six independently operating businesses: DAEL Data & Electro, DAEL Telecom, DAEL Telecom UK, DAEL Power, DAEL Security and DAEL Rail. A few years ago, DAEL decided to serve the telecom market in the United Kingdom. Shortly after, DAEL decided to serve the Scottish market as well by setting up another office in Livingston.
The headquarters of DAEL is located in Maasdijk, The Netherlands.  

What each of these businesses have in common is that these are active in the field of engineering and technology.

  • DAEL Data & Electro is the allround specialist with regards to electrical engineering. This DAEL branch mainly serves the utility sector. 
  • DAEL Telecom operates for mobile operators. We provide technical infrastructures such as telecom networks to which conduct maintenance activities.
  • DAEL Power ensures the availability of utilities at (construction) sites.
  • DAEL Security  provides high end security solutions to enable airports, customs, security firms and other parties to scan passengers, luggage and cargo at an international airport like Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or at the Port of Rotterdam
  • DAEL Rail combines products and services of the DAEL businesses and focuses on the rail sector
  • DAEL Telecom UK is our DAEL branch which focuses on the telecom sector in the United Kingdom

At DAEL, you get to work with the latest technology. Furthermore, we work for recognised and commonly known firms and we perform activities related to special projects on a regular basis.